Prayer Requests

A reader writes

A friend of mine, a public school teacher, has a favorite student who just attempted suicide. The student was released from the hospital, but the student’s family is interfering with her treatment and now my friend hasn’t heard from the student for a couple days. My friend isn’t handling it well at all, either. They could both use a lot of prayer.

Father, hear our prayer for this student and the family involved. Grant them all the gifts of faith, hope, and charity and show your light in their hearts that they might choose life, love, and truth. Mother Mary, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

We are attempting to adopt a Haitian toddler (orphaned before the earthquake) with HIV. He is meeting some obstacles in leaving the country and I am asking for your prayers.

Father, move aside the bureacratic and structural obstacles that hinder your love from flowing through this good family toward this child. Bring him safely out of the mirey clay and place his feet on solid ground with those who love him. Mother Mary and St. Lazarus, pray for him and pray for the family that is seeking to adopt him. Obtain for them the grace of hearing on That Day, “Well done, thou good and faithful.” Bring him swiftly to his new home.

Another reader writes:
Can I ask you and the blog-readers to pray for my academic studies why are in a very bad state.

Father, hear the prayer of your son that he might do what is necessary to improve his grades and succeed at school. Help him to rightly order his life and focus on his studies so that he grasps the subjects he is studying and can do the work necessary to bring his grades up. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, Seat of Wisdom and St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for him! Amen!

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