Prayer Request

I have emailed you before relating to this subject. Last year, I graduated from law school, near the top of my class. I traveled back to my home state, South Carolina, and took the bar there. I passed. I then started looking for a job. I never really expected the conditions around here to be as bad as they are. Charleston does not appear to be economically suffering, but in truth, South Carolina has nearly 13% unemployment, and there are just no lawyers hiring. You may also remember that the last time I wrote to you, I told you I had found work at a homeless shelter. While that was true, the work at that time was unpaid, with there being an understanding between myself and the shelter’s administration that when they received funds from the state, they would pay me for the work already done, and hire me on as a part-time worker.

Well, while they received the monies they needed from the state, they do not have enough (or so they say) to pay me for the work I’ve done, or to pay me at any time in the future. So I just don’t know what’s going to happen. I trust God has a plan and that he’ll pull me through if He sees fit, but it’s really bad right now. If you would be so kind, please ask your readers to pray specifically for Adam Russo from Charleston, South Carolina, that he may find a legal job in that area soon. I would also request you to ask them to send any intentions for me to St. Jude.

Father, we ask in the name of Jesus that you would provide your son with the work he needs so that he might do what you have called him to do. Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Jude, pray for him.

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