A reader writes:

Many blessings to you this Holy Week!

I’m writing to ask if you might help a struggling radio apostolate in the Philadelphia area, In His Sign Network . I am just a listener with no connection to this apostolate other than having been touched by their programs and their prayer ministry, so please keep my name out of this if possible.

Kathleen McCarthy, the president of IHS, went on the air last week with an urgent appeal for donations. They don’t have enough to continue next month. They will apparently have to go off the air if they don’t cover their bills.

I am frequently stuck with how blessed our region is to have Holy Spirit Radio, a 24/7/365 EWTN station, AND In His Sign Network which airs on 800 AM during the evening hours. Catholic radio, faithful to the magisterium, can be heard in two and in some spots three stations (we can sometimes get Domestic Church Radio out of New Jersey) on the dial in Philadelphia and I’d like to keep it that way. Could you put out the word to help them keep running?

Perhaps your readers will pray to keep this, and all faithful Catholic media, up and running. I believe this is a particular need in our time.

I understand if you want to stay focused on news, but I felt the pull of the Spirit saying “just put your net out”.

Keeping a Catholic radio station open with a small donation is a great way to get maximum bang for the buck and rubble for the ruble (so to speak). Catholics often lament that they suck at evangelization. Well, if you give money to Catholic radio, you are doing what you can so that people who are really good at evangelization can do what they can–and be heard, not on some street corner, but by millions of people in major metropolitan areas. If you don’t know what to say about your Catholic faith, let somebody like Fr. Corapi or Scott Hahn do the heavy lifting by giving a little something to your local Catholic radio station.

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