Washington DC…

where not getting invited to dinner is grounds for a lawsuit.

Now, I’m the first one to say that the utterly incestuous relationship between the Obama White House and the lickspittle press corps that exists to release agitprop on behalf of the Dear Leader is a dangerous and deadly thing. So I have no problem seeing the Annual Incest Fest of the Washington Press Corps as an obscene gathering of lapdogs, toadies, minions and suckups all getting together to toast their fearlessness in pursuit of the TRVTH while they yuk it up with the Dear Leader and then go out to repeat what Caesar commands them to repeat.

But: what in heaven’s name is the sense of an organ like World Net Daily suing these people for not inviting them to the incest orgy? If (as WND claims to be) this particular site is not in Obama’s back pocket, why should they care that they are not being invited to sit at the Cool Kids Table? Are they afraid they are going to be deprived of some vital news lead that will keep their readers from The Facts?

No. What clearly motivates the suit is simply and solely envy. All the other kids get to go to the party and we don’t! Screw reporting. We want to be part of the incestuous group hug!

Yeah. That sort of watchdog press is really gonna be the remedy for the problem.
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