Prayer Request

A reader asks prayer:

– for my family, as we struggle to keep our heads above water financially

– continued prayers for my mother (suffering from ALS) and my very stressed out father

– for me, a sinner, as I look into becoming a Benedictine Oblate. The distance and the financial constraints mean that I can only visit the monastery once every six weeks, and I don’t know how feasible that might be. (An aside here. When next you’re in the Windy City, visit the Monastery of the Holy Cross. Small but faithful. Please pray for vocations to come their way)

Thank you in advance for the requests. A thought just occurred to me (for whatever it’s worth). The minutes and hours reading cybertrollery may be wasted and best not spent, but the ten seconds taken to remember someone to the Lord (whether it is you or me or anyone else) is a most precious use of the gift of time, and will produce better results for all concerned.

Thanks again, and God bless you and your continued good work!

Father, hear our prayer for this man and his family. Providence of God, supply them with the resources that they need in order to live and serve you. Hear our prayers for his mother and father, that they would receive the grace, strength, peace and consolation that they need. Guide him in the path you choose for him and bless him as he obeys you. Help him to be a good son to you and his parents, a good husband and head of his family, and a good worker. We ask all this through Jesus Christ your Son. Mother Mary and St. Joseph pray for this family! St. Luke, pray for his mother!

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