A while back, when I was ticked at BP

I referred to them as EvilCorp. I got an earful from a number of people, more knowledgeable than me, about the vast number of wells safely drilled, the tiny number of accidents, etc. I thought better of that post and took it down.

After reading this, I’m back to thinking, “Nah. They are EvilCorp.” Lie egregiously, expect to be called EvilCorp–especially when the lies you tell has such catastrophic results.

Of course, the State is all part of this too. The task of the State was to see that BP wasn’t lying and incompetent. They don’t exactly get a gold star here. So now we are reduced to sitting around watching to enormously powerful, rich, and profoundly incompetent enemies jockey for position in the blame game while the Gulf dies.

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” That’s basically our position as ordinary schlubs in s world ruled by fabulous rich corporations and fabulously powerful state entities. Much of our political discourse is dominated by Talk Radio partisans of one or the other, or by savvier partisans who know how to play both.

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