Democrat Buyer’s Remorse

…is in evidence all over the place. The American body politic, as it always does after each and every election of the Evil Stupid Party and the Stupid Evil Party, is asking itself, like a battered wife, “Why do I always go back to him? He said there’d be hope and change and I believed him!” So you get Congress with an 11% approval rating and little signs of remorse like this.

and, even funnier, this:

But though you get remorse, you seldom get contrition. We keep hoping that if we leave wife beater and abortionist Lennie and start sleeping with wife beater and torturer Squiggy (or vice versa) then the man we walked out on will finally love us and not keep spending our money like a drunken sailor to fund his abortion clinic or his soldier of fortune adventures in creating the Great Society abroad. Instead, it’s looking more and more like Lenny and Squiggy have been working together in order to find more ways to siphon off your dough to enrich themselves.

Moral: in a democracy, you get the government you deserve. Until, of course, that government decides it not longer sees much use for democracy since it knows what’s best for you, and has you committed while appointing itself the administrator of your estate.

Of course, you could leave Lenny and Squiggy and find somebody else. But that’s just crazy talk. Sanity is telling yourself that Lenny and Squiggy will, for sure, change this time.

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