he’s way more rational and bright than you. He’s not helplessly compelled to make a fool of himself by some childhood grudge. He’s not a prisoner of rage acting with all the freedom of a man in chains of adamantine steel. He’s free!

Or, if he’s not, it’s all somebody elses’ fault and he still your moral and intellectual superior.

"Enjoy the party while it lasts, ammo-sexuals, because the party is over, starting this November."

The Real Paid “Crisis Actors”
"No worries. Since the Second Amendment was drafted to placate Virginia by protecting its institution ..."

The NRA is taking an historic ..."
"Australia doesn't have a second amendment that guarantees gun ownership."

The NRA is taking an historic ..."
"Why the gun magazines promoted that view is probably because of the testimony of Eugene ..."

Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention

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