Ripping the Lid off the Soft Underbelly of the Garden of Mixed Metaphors!


Photographic evidence of the Richert Visit.

The whitish glare is caused by the Marian apparition and the thrusters of the alien spacecraft firing just out of frame.

The people in the background may well be Jews.

Or Masons.

I’ve said too much already.

We can’t get out.

We can’t get out.

They are coming….

Oh, and here is Bigfoot, because no conspiracy is complete without him.
You know, when you consider that Starbucks, Microsoft *and* Twilight are major exports of Washington State, I think you can agree that the Bigfoot/Shea/Richert/Sirico Axis of Evil is highly plausible.

So drink your double tall, log on, and take the week end to savor the prose stylings of Stephanie Meyer (a suspiciously Jewish-sounding name). The Cabal is your friend. Trust the Cabal.

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