Sundry prayer requests

A Aussie reader writes:

Hello again from the land downunder where we need much prayer from all people of good will. We are in the final week before the Australian federal election bewteen two of the starkest choices I have seen in politics for some time.

On the one hand we have Tony Abbot (Lib), openly Catholic and an Oxford graduate (who got into trouble with the Greens last election for consulting Cardinal Pell on policy issues) is trying to stand up against the ‘Green extreme’ and the ‘Emily’s List’ (Babie killer) left. I don’t want to give the impression he is the Catholics dream choice but he is head and shoulders above the current government. One indication of his worth is that one of his best friends is Rev Dr Paul Mankoswki SJ (one of the best). As health minister in a previous government he also tried to reduce abortions (which cost him) and called it a ‘national shame.’

The current government (Labor) is led by Julia Gillard, an athiest and a founding member of ‘Emily’s List’ (strongly pro abortion etc) who led the fight for the legalisation of abortion in her home state recently. Funding will be worse for Catholic schools, they will be forced to employ anyone regardless of ‘sexuality’ and ‘personal moral choices’. What is worse is that a minor party, the Greens, stand to gain the balance of power in the Senate. This means that Gillard will deal with the Greens to get her bills past the senate, which she says will be ‘absolutely no problem’. In other words, she is happy to deal with them. The quickest way to show how bad the Greens are is to say that the Greens leader co-wrote a book with Peter Singer which advocated all the usual crazy “kill all the (unwanted) babies (including those just born is we want) and old people so the trees can grow” rubbish. The fact that Gillard, after an affair with a married politician, is unmarried living with her hairdresser ‘boyfriend’ and the Greens leader lives with his gay lover are not election issues but are an indication of where they are coming from.

The polls say it is very close, which means Abbot has pulled off something of a miracle to get close after only one term of this government, but we desperately need heaven stormed to save Australia from being stolen from under our noses by the specifically anti-life, anti-Catholic extreme of politics in Australia. They are so bad Cardinal Pell came out and declared them an anti-Christian party.

Please please pray and ask others to do so.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend the Aussie Church in battle! Father, hear the prayers of your people that a just government be elected there through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for your children that the dragon not be allowed to persecute or kill your children or slay the Holy Innocents again.

Another reader writes:

Please pray for a young, single mother who is a recent convert and who’s unborn child has been diagnosed with anencephaly. Baby Brayley isn’t expected to live long after her birth but her sweet mother has made the courageous decision to let her live as long as God intends and hopes that there is enough time to baptize her and tell her how much she is loved. Her mom, Haley, is in need of prayers and support during this difficult time leading up to her due date, September 1st. Would you please accompany her spiritually during this time when she feels very alone?

Haley works as a daycare attendant and is struggling financially as well. We are having a donations drive to help pay for Baby Brayley’s medical needs/funeral costs. If you would like to point anyone interested in financially assisting towards our PayPal donations button we would be so grateful. Thank you!

Father, hear our prayer for this child and her family through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, receive this child into your arms and intercede for her family that they would grow in holiness and grace like you, O Mother of Sorrows.

Another reader writes:

Hi there
How are you?
I am sorry to trouble you.
I am going through a very difficult time right now and would value it if you would pray for me.
Should Father show you anything please let me know.
Warm regards and blessings

Father, hear our prayer for this man and help him to weather this trial and come into light and peace by the power of the Holy Spirit. We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for him.

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