Obama Saves Us!

Turns out the war in Iraq is over! All of our combat troops are gone from Iraq, sez the Prez. All that remains behind is a mere 50,000 troops who are getting shot at and blown up at this hour. But that’s not combat because the Son of Man, by the power of his Omnipotent Word, says it is not.

Funniest reaction to this:

What President Obama called the end of the combat mission in Iraq is a meaningless milestone, constructed almost entirely out of thin air, and his second Oval Office speech marks a rare moment of dishonesty and disingenuousness on the part of a politician who usually resorts to rare candor at important moments.

Translation: But, but… we trusted you! And now you are lying like any average politician? If I was a lesser man, I would almost have to believe that I was a sucker. But since that can’t be–because only conservatives are stoopid–there must be some other explanation.

I wonder how long the Left will continue in this abusive relationship.

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