Praise Report!

A reader who requested prayer last week writes:

I wrote a few days ago about my brother,who I suspected might be in septic shock,but would not go to the hospital,even when I called 911. His breathing that night became increasingly labored,and he was more mentally “out of it”. He hadn’t slept in 2-3 days. Friday morning,after he again refused to go, I called 911 and begged them to take him ,telling them I was sure he was no longer mentally capable of making decisions. The EMTs came,including an angel named Tony,who kindly,but firmly told him ,”I’m not leaving you here like this. You come with us,or you come with the cops. Your choice.”

And so we went .As several readers suspected, his blood sugar was astronomical (high 400’s),due to untreated diabetes. He also was in renal failure,possibly due to years of excessive ibuprofen use to ease the pain from his chronic leg ulcerations. He was admitted to ICU,where they worked to bring his sugar down,and prepare him for dialysis. However,once they started pumping him with fluids,his output surprised them by being encouraging. They monitored him through the night,and it continued to iimprove. The doctor told him ,” You dodged a bullet,my friend.” It appears he will not need dialysis after all. He will need skin grafts for his leg ulcerations;they were also surprised that for as large,bad,and long-standing as they are,there’s no infection or necrosis. He will have a long recovery ahead,but thanks to my good Jesus,he appears to be out of immediate danger.I am so grateful to God that he was living with me when this all happened,because he never would have called 911,or gone to the hospital,of his own volition. I thank the Lord for putting him in my home with me. May the Lord bless you and your readers richly for your prayers.

Our God is awesome !

Thanks to be to God and to youse guys for your fidelity in prayer!

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