Hey New York and Environs!

Reader Stephen Haliczer, creator of the Explore Church History site, writes:

I wanted to let your readers know about the fascinating exhibition now on show at the main branch of the New York Public Library. The exhibition is entitled “Three Faiths; Judaism, Christianity , Islam” and it seeks to demonstrate how the three great Abrahamic religions can be defined by several basic commonalities. In putting the exhibition together, the New York Public was inspired by a 2007 exhibition held at the British Library and entitled “Sacred: Discover What We Share”.

As in the British Library exhibition, the visitor is exposed to some of the rarest works of sacred worship and scholarship in the world. Works on display include: The Gospel Book of Landevennec a Breton biblical manuscript from before 917, a Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) from 1294 and Qur’ans of a rarity hard to believe. I have launched an extended essay taking up the major underlying themes of the exhibition on my facebook “Explore Church History” page at .

The exhibition Is on view at the library until February 27, 2011.

Check thou it out!

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