Silly question

A reader who dislikes the fact that I fail to honor the pieties when it comes to conservative dismissals of Catholic teaching any more than I fail to honor the pieties when it comes to liberal contempt for Catholic teaching asks:

I wonder if this bothers Mark? Or does he only get mad at conservatives who don’t agree with him?

Liberal Columnist Urges “Violence” And “Revolution”

Naturally, of course, I thrill at the prospect of a Lefty who urges violence to attain his aims. As my many paeans of praise to Stalin and Mao on this very blog attest, there is nothing I revere more than bloody mayhem in the service of salvation through revolutionary leftism. I also bow down in homage to people who wish to subjugate the good of ordinary people to political theory–so long as it is accomplished through leftist violence. And I hope for the day when an all-powerful centralized state mandates abortion on demand, as in China.

The only reason I didn’t link this story sooner is that I had to keep up the appearance of being a normal human being who sleeps at night and doesn’t hover over obscure links and respond to them the instant they hit the web. I knew all about it, of course, the moment it came out. My Revolution Violence Aggregator software always alerts me to exciting stories of obscure Lefty columnists advocating insane plans, so that I can feel yet again the electric zing of planning the death of innocent people.

But I chose to bide my time after this story broke, wondering if any of you fools would see it and notice my eerie silence. But (curse you vigilant reader!) my reader saw it and confronted me with my tell-tale silence, forcing me out into the open like the crawling Commie maggot I am.

We will bury you! Long live the Revolution!

I hope this satisfies my reader’s deep suspicions and makes him feel vindicated.

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