Mike Flynn writes…

Our pastor here in Easton, Fr. Deogratias Rwegasira AJ, has just released his second CD: Lord We Adore You. He is the composer and sings some of the tenor and bass. He is accompanied by Alan and Nancy Bessette of Running Streams Studio. His first CD was a Divine Mercy Chaplet. The proceeds from sales of the CDs go to training seminarians in the Apostles of Jesus seminaries in Africa. These seminaries have a difficult situation: the must turn away hundreds of applicants every year for lack of funds to support them.

For more information, contact Fr. Deo at

Apostles of Jesus Music Ministries
132 South 5th St.
Easton PA 18042
(610) 252-7381

or visit www.runningstreams.com (except Fr. Deo’s music is not up on the website yet.)

Fr. Deo is a wonderful priest. Do help if you can!

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