Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I’ve never written with a prayer request before but I’m desperately worried for my sister, A. She’s 3,000 miles away in an area with freezing conditions; living alone in a friend’s house that currently has no power and no heat or companionship (her friend is currently out of town); suffering from serious, chronic depression; separated from her husband and prevented by him from access to her home, cars, belongings, fair share of the marital finances, and (most tragically) children who are very young. In the past year, the mental illness and despair over her family situation have led her to attempt suicide twice. I’ve done everything I can to provide her with money for medicine, other resources, and whatever suggestions I can think of for places to call for assistance, but she is too despondent to do much of anything. The few times I’ve managed to convince her to call Catholic Charities or a domestic violence hotline (which is also an issue), no one has been willing to call back or help. Even the cops, whom she called when her husband was harassing her so badly that she felt she couldn’t stay in their home (as was her legal right), refused to do anything to help. Please, please ask your readers to pray for her that things turn around. She has been trying so hard, and seems to fall five rungs back for every one slippery rung climbed up. Thank you.

Father, hear our prayer for help for this poor woman. Surround her with your guardian angels, grant her the grace of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and console her, and send her the help she needs to overcome this situation and grow in the cardinal and theological virtues and find healing in her relationships and circumstances. Mother Mary, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

"The ABA isn't exactly unbiased. Anyway, you don't exactly seem very polite or charitable, so--bye."

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