GOP Congresscritters to Reduce Their Own Budgets by $35 Million

Yay! It’s a good start and compares quite favorably with the Son of Man’s vacation bling and La Pelosi equally royal self-accomodations on the public teat.

Of course, the real question is whether this move is merely token or symbolic of real reform. If token, then the GOP will not actually do anything to reduce the $14 trillion deficit and will go on living in the delusional world of increasing spending and reducing taxes.

Since there is, so far as I know, no serious proposal to, for instance, stop being the military for rich countries that can take care of themselves and every indication that our wars of Empire are supposed to go in expanding in perpetuity with little objection from the people who launched them and then bent them into meandering exercises in nation-building (a bi-partisan effort), I will have to be convinced that this little tiny shaving off the budget is much more than a sop to distract the public from the GOP’s engorged snout at the public trough, battling with Dems to see who can spend the most. So far, the Dems are the spending champs, but *nobody* is in the lead for serious spending reform. Our Ruling Classes are all about building a national security state in which the rich and powerful “protect” us by bleeding us dry and making us cattle. A pagan society always enslaves since a pagan society is not bound by such outmoded Christian dogmas as “human equality”.

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