Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Thanks for posting my earlier prayer request on your blog. Unfortunately, my cousin, Julien, passed away yesterday morning at 8 AM. Please pray for the repose of his soul, and for strength for his family at this time.

Father, grant eternal rest to Julien and consolation to all who love him through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, for Julien and all who love him.

Another reader writes:

Since your blog-readers are so faithful in prayer, I was wondering if I could request prayers for Officer David Moore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, a high school classmate of mine who was shot four times during a routine traffic stop yesterday. Two of the shots were to the head, and he’s now in a coma. I remember him as being a really nice guy in school, though we weren’t close friends. Please pray for him and his parents, who are also police officers.

Father, grant healing in body, soul, and spirit to your servant David through your Son Jesus Christ. Grant skill to his caregivers and peace, strength and consolation to those who love him through Jesus as well. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Michael, pray for him!

Another reader writes to ask prayer for his son, whose marriage is breaking up.

Father, we ask that your love would triumph here and that you would protect him from the false charges his wife threatens him with. We ask that you would change her heart and grant her love and mercy through your Son Jesus. Holy Family, pray for them.

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