A reader writes…

Greetings from Walla Walla. We had the privilege of hosting you here two years ago for the weekend mission you put on. I’m writing you this evening to bring to your attention a post on my daughter Amy’s blog. Amy has a 3 year-old son, Matthew, who has Down Syndrome and she chronicles his life and the joys and trials of raising Matthew. What she’s posted here regards another mom’s efforts to raise funds to rescue children with Down’s from hellish institutions all over the world. It’s an expensive process as so many of these countries see these children as an exploitable commodity and charge very high fees. In a way, it’s a blessing that these babies are at least brought to birth. Here in “advanced” America, if it’s suspected that a preborn infant might have Down Syndrome, that child has a 95% chance of being killed within a month.

Wonderful work of mercy! And not surprising that your daughter would be involved in helping forward the mission since you guys are such wonderful parents! I have fond memories of my visit to Walla Walla (and still cherish the magnificent gift of the Acme Catalog (“Quality is our #1 Dream!). Blessings on you and your fambly and on this remarkable friend of your daughter’s who is doing heroic work!

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