No. Really. Lying for Jesus *is* a Faustian Bargain

A reader writes:

I’m a regular reader, occasional commenter. I really appreciate the work you’ve been doing on the Live Action issue. Here in the trenches, I can’t tell you how important is the moral integrity of the pro-life movement. So often when we talk to legislators, they throw back at us every offense ever committed by pro-lifers. In the old days it was acts of violence, but now it’s lies. For example, we’re fighting a bill in NYC that accuses crisis pregnancy centers of deceptive practices, and the legislators eagerly fall upon every possible instance of lying or deception by any pro-lifer to prove their point. It’s very discouraging when we’re trying to influence the law, but we’re undermined by the misguided tactics of our own side. The heroes who advocate lying never have to sit at a table and have the lies thrown in their faces, and then used as an excuse for dismissing all our arguments.

On another point, I blogged today on the Archdiocese website about the President’s decision to surrender his duty on the Defense of Marriage Act:

Yep. Lying for Jesus is disastrous, not only because it is just one more piece of soul-corroding consequentialism, but because you sell your soul and get *nothing* in return. You hand the enemies of life a nice shiny sword with “Liar” inscribed on it and they run you through with it.

As to the DOMA business, I saw that and cheer the Archdiocese for trying to talk sanity. The Prez’s cowardly and unconstitutional choice to simply ignore the law is a direct violation of his oath. But this amateur has made it clear that his conception of the office is only tangentially related to the concept of law.

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