Joey Odendahl, Fearless Manalive Director, wrote me yesterday…

This is the anniversary of the day we shot the lunch scene… They day Kirk stayed home with a 104 temp. Katherine’s computer broke. Camera B broke. And our financier, Ann Petta died. You, Ashley and Eric went off to pray for the movie. And it turned into a surprisingly smooth day of shooting.

It’s also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Burger King fish sandwich season! Hurrah!

I remember! And I had *two* fish sandwiches last night to break the fast! Good times, good times…

When the movie comes out, it will be fun to see it simply because, for me, it will be like going through a photo album, remembering all the peeps and how fun it was to shoot! It’s a very different experience for an actor than for an audience member, which never occurred to me before. All the audience sees are the snippets of time between “Action!” and “Cut!” The whole trick of a movie is to persuade the audience to suspend disbelief and enter the story. But I remember all the stuff between “Cut!” and “Action!” too. I remember all the hilarious takes that were blown. I remember Ashley and Erin obsessing over Twilight, and Eric’s knack for accents, and Andrew introducing me to Flight of the Conchords, and you laughing and sighing, and dinner with Kevin and Fr. Firmin out on the coast with all the tiny flies, and what a nice guy Henry Bazemore was, and those giant dogs, and that huge rainstorm the turned the intersection into a mini-lake, and that guy who got shot in the alley behind the house and fried eggs in that tiny kitchen and the green water fountain and the lovely walk we all took to the grave of Button Gwinnett and the Cathedral and countless other things.

Thanks be to God, not just for hearing our prayers that day, but for the chance to do all those other things and meet all those wonderful people. Thanks, also, to you for your hard work and dedication to the project that made the whole thing possible, Joey! Good job, dude!

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