Prayer for Tornado Victims

Over 200 people killed so far.

A reader writes from Alabama:

Please pray for those affected by the tornadoes in Alabama today. I work in downtown Birmingham, about 60 miles from Tuscaloosa where the tornado did massive damage. The storm was so big, the debris sucked up in Tuscaloosa fell here in Birmingham. There is insulation and debris all over our parking lot, including receipts and cancelled checks from Tuscaloosa. A friend actually witnessed a door fall out of the sky (I’m not making that up – reports of 2×4 boards falling as well).

Over 200 deaths and counting, countless injured. There was one story of a child at a local hospital missing his parents. Another family survived by holding on to tree roots under the crawlspace of their home.

Please pray.

Father, hear our prayer for the dead, injured and traumatized (and all who love them) and grant that no more of these terrible storms inflict harm on people. We ask this through our Lord Jesus. Mother Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

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  • Melissa

    I will definently pray for the tornado victims. Keep in mind that God uses all of this suffering that’s going on around the world for HIS glory so people will call out to him and repent.