Excellent! My Security Forces deal with another threat to national security in a proportional and sensible way! When my plans for global domination are complete, this will be standard operating procedure, as will tasering 86 year old bedridden women, stepping on their oxygen hoses and arresting their children when they protest. We have to take these measures if we are going to live in a state where I, your Leader, feel safe from you, who might all be terrorists if I gave you your freedom. What’s that I hear, my minions? Outrageous? you say?

Look! Bread and circuses! Ahnuld was the helpless pawn of the woman he impregnated! Please gossip and discuss. Shiny!

I will be making the rounds in the Pits of Despair later today to see which of you is suitable to join my elite Cybermen program.

That is all!

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