Minnesota Catholics: NOW is the time to act to protect marriage!

Tell legislative leaders to put a marriage amendment on the 2012 ballot

The Minnesota marriage amendment (HF 1613; SF 1308), which would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the Minnesota Constitution, has essentially finished the committee process and is ready to be voted on by both houses of the State Legislature. The Minnesota Catholic Conference is cautiously optimistic that the amendment will pass this year. But we need to encourage legislative leaders to bring it to a vote in each chamber. It does not need the Governor’s signature to get on the 2012 ballot.

NOW is the time to protect marriage in Minnesota. There is a court case right now in the Minnesota Court of Appeals seeking to have traditional marriage declared unconstitutional. Five bills were introduced last year to redefine marriage into something other than the union of one man and one woman. A constitutional amendment will put marriage into the hands of the people of Minnesota.

Many of you have been working and praying to protect marriage in Minnesota since an amendment was first discussed in 2004. An amendment protecting the vital social institution of marriage is quickly becoming a reality. But we need a strong push to ensure it gets on the 2012 ballot. YOU can help by writing or calling your legislator and mobilizing your friends in support of marriage. But most of all, please PRAY that our efforts will be successful.

Thank you for your dedication to the common good, and take action NOW!

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