One very heartening thing

…is how many people in comboxes really seem to get that the Feast of Divine Mercy represented a challenge to the gloating and rejoicing over the death of bin Laden.

I’m not talking about the happiness that justice has been done. I’m talking about the sort of frying pan waving, burn in hell forever, “It’s blasphemy to say God love bin Laden or Jesus died for him”, neo-paganism of people who have cast off all pretense of Christian morality in the “love your enemy” department and simply want to worship Mars and call him Jesus. There were, to be sure, some of these paganized Christians knocking around in comboxes the last day or so. But the really heartening thing was how many Catholics there were, maintaining sanity and insisting that the way to treat an enemy–including an enemy who has been killed in clean combat–is to pray for his soul, no matter how horrible his sins. Did my heart good to see. Thanks, youse guys! The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

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