Opposite evils

The NY Times is having fun profiling various hatchlings in the class of Cultured Despisers who are about to have their budding contempt for Christianity confirmed by the loonies who are about to have their crazy faith in the Rapture seriously impacted by the No Rapture that is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Indeed, if any of these crazies live in New Zealand, Australia or anywhere else on the other side of the Dateline, the pressure is already on.

So what will all the Rapture crazies do when the Rapture doesn’t come? Well, some will realize what fools they’ve been. But, the human capacity for rationalization being what it is, a certain percentage will go right on believing in Harold “Wrong Before, Wrong Again, Wrong Next Time” Camping, re-jigger their decoder rings, and try again.

Meanwhile, the biggest tragedy will be that some of their victims while conclude that Christ is a fraud like Harold Camping. May God forgive the people who led them to that conclusion and may He open their hearts to the true gospel.

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