Today, my minions, I give you the exciting blogging contributions of Ulick Varange (what a *fantastic* Bond supervillain name!), who wants the world to know that Mark Shea is a Big Fat Phony. Judging from the combox contributions of the past few days, there are no doubt several people in my Pits of Despair who are displeased with the medium rare manflesh, beds of nails, and noisome, larvae-filled drinking water who wish to complain. I try to run a four star Pit of Despair, but there’s no pleasing some people. Please contact Ulick with your complaints and he will post them. You’ll feel better–right up till the moment my Ninja Assassins who are monitoring this ghost site on my Dark Tower Net kidnap you, give you a mind wipe, and turn you into my Janissaries who love me more than life itself.

I *love* the interactive nature of the Interwebz!

That is all!

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