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on the charade of gay “marriage”

Gay “marriage” is the attempt to get people not merely to tolerate homosex, but to pretend that it is normal. Marriage exists to protect the family and, in particular, children. Gay “marriage” exists because of a massive narcissistic effort to force a civilization to not merely tolerate but “celebrate” the disordered desires of homosexuals. It is, quite literally, all about Them and what they want, not about the nurture of children. Yes, not all heterosexual marriage results in children. But heterosexual marriage is, by nature, ordered toward the possibility of children and homosexual marriage is, by nature, ordered toward the impossibility of children. Historically, societies which are ordered toward directing their special protections toward the family are societies that have a future. Societies which order their special protections toward the elimination of the possibility of children die.

The purpose of gay marriage is a) to compel us to “celebrate”, not merely tolerate homosexual behavior and b) to punish those who refuse to comply with such celebrations. It is also, in the end, to evangelize for homosexual disorders at as young an age as possible. The biggest lie of the whole business is that it is simply about tolerance. It is a militant, evangelizing ideology.
"Did I admonish, Linda? Huh. Interesting."

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