Rattling the Tin Cup

This month I am working hard on several projects that will require my attention. I will blog as I can, but I’m doing a lot of work and trying hard to make ends meet. If you appreciate what I do here and can spare it, this would be a good month in which to drop something in the Tin Cup by clicking on the “donate” button over there on the left rail (or, if the button is not showing up on your browser, try clicking here). Things are extremely tight.

As a sop, here and here are two new pieces by yr. obdt. svt. More shall follow.

By the way, if you’d rather get something for chucking money in the Tin Cup, you can always buy some of my books and audio/visual stuff here.

Your generosity is much appreciated as I am sole breadwinner for the fambly. May God bless you through our Lord Jesus!

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