Tepid Prolife Yak Yak

Memo to Rick Santorum: The Unborn Deserve Better From You

Catholic Lane takes a gutsy stand in the suffocating world of conservative Catholic politics and points out that our GOP hero is emitting “personally opposed” code while simultaneously sending the normal GOP subliminal signal that he wishes the issue would go away. Useful for rallying the base. But when meeting the press, he’d kinda like to just not talk about it too much cuz he doesn’t want to stand *too* close to those prolife folk. How quickly people forget the name “Arlen Specter” and our hero’s support of that pro-abort zealot. The main thing is to be a good party animal, vote for salvation through Leviathan, unjust wars, and torture. One of these days, when these everlasting projects are finished, the party might get around to doing more than yak tepidly. But till then prolifers should be grateful for the bones thrown them, shut up, and vote GOP.

It cracks me up. I vote *against* Obama and am told I am secretly an abortion supporter. Santorum zealously backs abortion supporter Arlen Specter, unjust war, and torture, and I am informed that in rejecting him–I secretly support abortion! American politics is positively Byzantine.

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