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He’s insane. The sane people who brought us to this pass–who tell you he’s insane–are the ones you should listen to. Because six wars and an empire are sane and a 3669% increase in the personal wealth of the people who are overseeing this fiasco: that’s sane. And if you question that, you are nuts [Read More…]

The Invaluable John C. Wright…

argues with some damn fool Curmudgeon and I shout my agreement with him at every turn–which is testimony to his awesomeness since I am the Curmudgeon in question. [Read more…]

What? You Still Don’t Have Ticketses?

Be there! Aloha! What’s the “Pajama Game” about, you ask? Well, there’s this chorus member named Peter Shea and he has various dance numbers with a bunch of principal characters who fall in love, have some sort of conflict and sing a bunch of songs about something. They also interrupt Peter’s twelve lines. Peter is [Read More…]

I have some interesting people in my parish

Here is some hilaresy from one of them: How can you not love an Orthodox Catholic hip-hop album called VALID, NOT LICIT? [Read more…]

Speaking of the Church’s teaching…

“A central moral measure of any budget proposal is how it affects “the least of these” (Matthew 25). The needs of those who are hungry and homeless, without work or in poverty should come first.” The weakest and most powerless in our culture are children. Having made war upon them and racked up a pile [Read More…]

Thinking about the Norway Butcher

There’s been much bustle this past week as those eager to use the Norway Butcher as a club against Christians have made much of his loony Templar mysticism and sundry invocations of Christianity. The Andrew Sullivans of the world see in him the incarnation of the Christianist, which is a sort of swear word meaning [Read More…]

A reader writes:

Wonder if I can trouble you for some prayers? Not anything I can really discuss with anyone, just now — a big, rather terrifying decision to make, and I feel like my head is not really clear, my heart is confused and my soul is not quite up to snuff. I have an idea that [Read More…]

“St. Paul Would Have Failed my Hermaneutics Course”

My friend Leroy Huizenga inadvertently offers a short advertisment for my book Making Senses Out of Scripture. [Read more…]

Bad News for Hell’s Population Planning Ministry of Truth

A reader writes: Good news! The HIV infection rate in Zimbabwe has decreased – plummeted, even! And it’s because of changing behaviour, not condom use! So, let’s hear it from the world’s media… [crickets] And, given that the population is well over 90% non-Catholic, the Scarlet Woman of Rome’s refusal to allow condoms was never [Read More…]


Today, my suckups, toadies, and shuffling henchmen, I command you to listen to this little essay on Logic and Lawn Tennis by GKC Having done that, I now command you to contemplate the teaching of the Church: “1. Every budget decision should be assessed by whether it protects or threatens human life and dignity. “2. [Read More…]