Good News from Wisconsin

A reader writes:

Good things are happening in Wisconsin!

We have three world-class Marian shrines.  The last one (Our Lady of Good Help) has been given to the care of the Fathers of Mercy, who are nothing short of excellent.

Fr Donald Hying, one of the finest priests I know,  now one of the finest bishops I know.  Many have prayed for this to happen, and our only fear is that we won’t be able to keep him till retirement.

Bishop Hying joins a corps of fine, faithful bishops in the Badger State.   They act like shepherds, not CEOs.  I don’t think Wisconsin’s had a better bunch in my lifetime (and I’m nearly 42).

I don’t think you’ll report this last item, since we all know you hate the Latin Mass.  But I’ll try anyway…Beginning August 21, Our Lady Of Mt Carmel in Kenosha will be offering a regular Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  The parish was recently given to the care of this dynamic priestly duo. 

Much of what has happened would have been thought impossible a mere ten years ago.  I thank God I’ve seen these things come to pass.


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