Praise reports and Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

A praise report:

The restraining order was dropped this past Friday and my brother got to see his kids this weekend for the first time in 2 weeks. There are still many issues ahead that still need prayer such as the domestic violence hearing in September. But based on how this one got dropped, there’s a good chance the other one will go the same way. She can’t back up any of her story and he’s got evidence of her physical abuse toward him.

So just pray that things will calm down and the two sides can work out a peaceful, amicable separation. Pray for the soon to be ex-wife as well. She really needs to get some help and I say that sincerely and without a trace of sarcasm.

Father, hear our prayer that things calm down and that an amicable separation is made–and that the children are kept safe. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for all involved.

Another reader writes:

Just wanted to give a quick update on my prayer requests of two weeks ago, one good, one unfortunately not good.

First, thank you for all who prayed for my and others’ success on the CA Bar. I won’t find out results until the end of November (so in a way continued prayers are appreciated), but while the exam was tough I had a pretty good feeling at the end. I have no doubt that prayers were responsible for the increased confidence and relative clarity of mind I felt.

Second, my uncle who had cancer unfortunately passed away last Sunday, July 31. This is of course a mixed event, in that he is no longer suffering but, at 75, he was nowhere near ready to go. I am additionally concerned for him in that while I think he believed in God he was not religious (after being raised Jewish). I ask for prayers that he is with God in eternal life and no longer suffering. I ask also for prayers for my aunt who is facing being alone for the first time in over 25 years, and for his surviving family–brother, children, and grandchildren–that they be brought comfort and guidance through this very, very difficult time.

Father, thank you for your servant’s clarity of mind in the bar exam. We ask that you would help him pass the bar and begin a fruitful career. Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Thomas More, pray for him.

Father, we also ask that you would grant eternal life to my reader’s uncle. You alone are the judge of souls. Grant a merciful judgement to this man. Do not remember his sins, but remember the faith and prayers of your servants who love him through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

Please ask your folks to pray for an estranged friend of mine, that our merciful Lord would reverse in his heart the terrible things he’s learned to approve in theological school and in his wanderings, and that our Heavenly Father would invite him back to resume the childhood and sonship that defines our our Christian faith. And also for the “schools” where relativism and perversity are curated, and those within them struggling to shield the flame of the faith that makes us innocent – that God will shepherd them and us from delusion and desolation. Jesus, without you always before us, we revert so quickly to our perjuries and blapshemy – be our God, and reform us as your people! Lets thank Him together for the many times He has already saved us, and for the blessings of chastity, that restores us – I know every one of us has been or is now being saved from error and dissolution by His sacrifice and his steady hand, and I know his grace and power is enough to cut through the most jaded, “educated” heart. Holy God, thank you for restoring us; restore us!

Lord, hear our prayer!

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