The Happy Sunny Side of Female Genocide

A reader writes:

I am a regular reader and sometime commenter, although I’ve never e-mailed you before.  I teach religion at a Catholic high school in Corpus Christi.  I really enjoy your blog, and am thankful for your commentary, especially on the issue of torture.  I ran across an article on China’s one child policy that I thought you might find interesting.  I don’t think that the Associated Press actually employs Chinese propagandists, but if they did, the article might sound something like this.  The article shows the totalitarian zaniness of the utilitarian calculus in action!

I will definitely make sure to pray for you and your family, and hope that you have a happy Feast of the Assumption.

Yes, the piece does truly read like a piece of agitprop from the Ministry of Happy Talk. For some reason, it reminds me, in a grim way, of this:

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