Bobbi Ruffato defects from Corapi

Santa Cruz Media muckety muck who acted as sock puppet in trashing Fr. Corapi’s accuser now writes the woman and her husband:

I want you both to know that I resigned from Santa Cruz Media around the beginning of last month, as I could not support the direction John Corapi was taking. He is leading good Catholics away from the Church and is causing them to fight and bicker amongst themselves….not to mention his personal lifestyle choices.

I spoke with the attorney investigator for SOLT. I was able to provide him some information, as I was constrained only by the terms of my employment contract that prevented me from disclosing business information. Thus, I could provide information not related to the business of Santa Cruz Media. He said he has not been able to get in touch with you and asked me to please reach out to you and let you know that it is very important that you contact him. I believe what you say, and I think he does too.

After seeing what people are doing online to the two of you, I am very frightened about my name getting out there. However, if it does, so be it. The truth is the truth, and I am deeply concerned for Fr. Corapi’s eternal soul. I pray that he returns home to his order. The two of you remain in my prayers as well.

I will forward the last email I received from Mr. X, as it contains his contact information. Also, I hope it will help set your minds at ease regarding my sincerity.

Shortly thereafter, the Black Sheepdog FB page vanished. Dunno what it means, but I’m glad to see Ms. Ruffato do the right thing. I’m praying that God will speak to Fr. Corapi through the failure of his scam and that he will repent, return to obedience to Holy Church and find abundant pardon for the grave evil he has done. God is mighty to forgive.

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