Fr. Pavone Seriously Needs to Back Down

A reader writes:

Jury was still out for me re; the Pavone debacle.  Now I get this via his Facebook:

“On the phone w many leaders re how to raise hell for the abortion industry. If they think they will slow me down one iota, they’re wrong.”

Who’s “they” here?  The Catholic Church?  I suppose one might read it to mean “the abortion industry” is trying to slow him down (no news there, surely) but I can’t help think the wording is deliberately ambiguous.

This on top of yesterday’s little gem comparing the Bishops to the Pharisees:

Fruitful meetings here in TX today re prolife work. Remember, its lawful to save lives on the Sabbath (see Mark 3:4).”

Meanwhile, no “stand down” order to his picketing fans, no protests when they compare him to the BS Dawg.  Red flags, all.

Agreed. He’s destroying all the good work he has done by fanning the flames of this stuff. It’s stopped being about the unborn and begun being about him. Gerard Nadal is right.  And so is Ed Peters.The despicable campaign to terrorize kids with gory pictures and intimidate ordinary Catholics is wrong and is not of God. He needs to call off the dogs.  He also needs to stop treating his priesthood like a jail sentence and a nuisance.

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