Protestant Founder of Life Chain gets it

The founder of the national Life Chain, which is set to take place October 2nd, is urging Protestant pastors to confront the “spirit of child aversion” that was created by the embrace of contraception.

Royce Dunn, president of Please Let Me Live, issued an open letter to pastors in July urging them to take concrete measures to “end the American Holocaust” of abortion. The devoted Baptist is calling for “a new mindset” towards procreation that is open to God’s gift of fertility.

In an interview, Dunn told LifeSiteNews that the “spirit of child aversion,” the desire to avoid bearing children, is “the uppermost key to the killing of children in America.”

The dude intuits the obvious point that Pope Paul VI was making in Humanae Vitae. I suspect this Baptist fellow may not be Baptist much longer. Thanks be to God for those who are open to the truth, wherever they are.

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