Dale Price Offers a Service to Mankind

He has very thoughtfully brought together on one page a collection of his great rants regarding the brainless parents and disgusting merchants who conspire each year to turn Halloween into National Tart Up Your Daughter Day. The Man says it all.

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  • James H, London

    “Judas on a stick, why not just refit the Bratz so they have Real Oozing Gonorreal Flow Action?”

    LOL I’ve gotta remember that one!

    • Amy P.

      That one made me laugh so hard, my chest and stomach ache.

      Seriously, Dale Price needs to put together a book.

  • B

    “needs to he beaten with a bag full of screws”. Oh so how I feel when the unsolicited Halloween catalogs come to my house ful of girls.

  • kenneth

    We don’t go in for this sort of harlotry in my clan. Around here, Halloween is Samhain, and it’s a time to have a good family sit-down meal with our ancestors, offer up a bit of the harvest and do a bit of divination for the new year. Trick or treaters are welcome earlier in the day too, but there will be no tarting up of anyone’s daughter on our watch!

    Never let Madison Avenue define a good holiday for you. If you concede Halloween, next thing you know, they’ll set out to cheapen Christmas!

  • http://7kids6dice1gamerdad.wordpress.com Raul

    In my household, we celebrate by having our boys and girls dress up as their favorite (and well dressed) saints. We go door to door and do tricks or treats all the while evangelizing by not so much by what is said but more so by how we celebrate. I am reminded of a certain phrase attributed to a certain famous saint from Assisi. Christians cannot afford to cede this event to the ne’er do wells pushing for this brand of ‘liberation’. Is that not why we moved the feast of All Saint’s in the first place?

    • http://www.communionantiphons.org Andy, Bad Person

      I thought the feast was moved to November 1 to celebrate the founding of an oratory of relics at St. Peter’s.

  • http://znfrey.com/blog/ Zach Frey

    Probably even a “theocrat” (but my nuclear program is woefully behind schedule, worse luck).

    Yes, a pity.