Everybody is Occupying Everything

One sign of a rapidly aging meme is that it gets applied to all sorts of stuff it has nothing to do with. Recently, some of the Woodstockized folk at America (who have lived 1971 forty times instead of living 40 years since 1971) were calling for Catholics to Occupy the Church and reiterated their hackneyed demands for the Church to Get With It on the normal range of pelvic issues, hostility to Holy Orders and other lefty obsessions.

Scott P. Richert has a good reply to these geezers and their johnny one note theology.

Can there *be* anything more boring and unoriginal than Baby Boomers who congratulate themselves on being Independent Thinkers?

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  • dpt

    How about occupy Fordham University?

    $40K+ in annual tuitions and fees…is that what a Catholic school should charge?

  • Ronald King

    What if every Catholic recognized the sacrifice necessary to end abortion and poverty and war by leaving the comfort of their couches and books and tv’s to participate in a cross-country Rosary Walk, to go into the unknown out on the road and into the darkness of inscecurity to find the Love of God which can only be found in the unknown and vulnerability of sacrificial love. The material world would stop and the spiritual world would be revealed.
    Mark, would you be interested in writing a fictional piece about such a pilgrimage? I ask this because you have a way with words that I appreciate.

    • Ronald,

      Great! I’ll just quit my job and abandon my disabled son at home so I can participate. You did say “every Catholic” and that includes me.

      I’m looking forward to getting away from my comfy job and responsibilities to participate in this moving Rosary Walk.

      • Ronald King

        Jordan, I did say every Catholic. My mistake. Why the sarcasm(hostility)? This is what troubles me. We believe we eat God and then we live the rest of our lives within the materialistic trance of social conditioning with all the limitations of beliefs and problem-solving strategies that are insanely repeated from generation to generation. We delude ourselves with our rational minds built around a fear of losing control over our little universes we have made for ourselves and surround ourselves with others who support that delusional reality of rationality.
        Was it crazy for Jesus to hang on a Cross?

  • Confederate Papist

    There are 123 colleges that are now $50+K per year for tuition, which is also the avergage income level for American employees.

    If someone makes $50K or more, they are the upper 10% of the earners in this country.

    Food for thought.

  • I wish one could delete or edit posts here. I’m sure I took this in the wrong spirit and whatever I could do for abortion, poverty and unjust war, I should be doing more of it, even if I can participate in a nationwide Rosary Walk.

    • Rosemarie


      As a fellow parent of disabled children, I think I understand your frustration. I’m certainly not “free” to go out and protest whatever I might want to protest, either. These OWS types apparently aren’t tied down by obligations like home and work the way the average American is, and parents of disabled kids are even more tied down. Not that I’d really enjoy camping and sleeping outside in the middle of NYC braving the weather, rats, germs, vagrants, criminals, etc. Sounds like madness to me.

      • Ronald King

        Rosemarie, Our faith is not a faith to be lived like the average american. There are millions of Catholics who could participate is such a pilgrimage and they could substitute for one another by using vacation time to keep it going and not endanger their security. I had worked as a psychotherapist in the state of Washington for over 30 years until 2010 when I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This was a blessing and is too complicated to state here. The Rosary Walk was given to me while running and praying the Rosary in 2007 two years after my return to Catholicism after a 40 year absence. This idea has only intensified since my cancer diagnosis. I am cancer free right now and got permission to start light jogging two weeks ago. The treatment for the cancer has caused a broken back and a large hernia in my diaphragm which needed repair this past June. If I am going to die I do not want to die in a hospital or my home. I want to die on the road saying the Rosary for mothers and their children. However, I want more than anything to be an anonymous member of thousands of others on the road all saying the Rosary and making this country a holy place rather than taking a cruise to some foreign land to visit a holy place.

        • Rosemarie


          I wasn’t criticizing the Rosary Walk; it sounds like a great idea. I was just trying to commiserate with Jordan. I understand the frustration and how it can flare up in the wrong place and time. I did the same thing myself on Mark Shea’s previous blog a few weeks (or maybe months) back.

  • antigon

    It’s embarrassing to note it, but the Woodstock thing was in ’69, not ’71.

  • Rosemarie


    Good stuff from Robin of Berkeley:

    Anatomy of an Occupation

  • enness

    “One sign of a rapidly aging meme is that it gets applied to all sorts of stuff it has nothing to do with.”
    You have hit the nail precisely on the head!