More Bad News for Pro-Aborts

Want an ultrasound? There’s an app for that!

Pro-aborts are assiduous about trying to keep women from seeing just what is being killed. They love ignorance and darkness and technology is making is harder and harder to keep the unborn babe out of sight and out of mind.

Also, have you noticed how pro-aborts suddenly become the ones who go all mystical on you with the dumb arguments about when precisely, exactly, a fetus becomes “ensouled”? Just by way of information, as far as a Catholic is concerned, if it’s alive, it’s got a soul. A plant has a vegetative soul. A dog has a doggy soul. A human being has a human soul. But you don’t need to go all metaphysical. All you need to do is ask “Is this human?” (Answer: yes. It’s not a goldfish, a tomato, or a paramecium. Check the DNA.) Next question: Is it alive? (Answer: yes. It’s not dead.) One can play definitional games (rather like the people who play definitional games about torture in order to justify *their* grave intrinsic evil too). So you can say that a cheek cell is alive and has human DNA too. But of course, we all know that a cheek cell is not growing into an adult human being and a fetus is. And we know that the definitional game has the same goal as the attempt to keep women from getting an ultrasound: to keep us in the dark so that evil can be done.

Go ultrasound technology!

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  • Ye Olde Statistician

    Re: cheek cells.

    The third requirement is subsistence. The embryo, in the common course of nature, will mature into an adult of the species. A cheek cell will not. That is, the cheek cell is a part of a whole being while the embryo has being in itself.


    Nuff said.

    • Joseph

      And also objectively innocent of any crime. So, combine biology, embryology, genetics, and reason (tying them all together to say what you said) with the natural law that killing an objectively innocent human being is murder and, VIOLA!, abortion on demand is an evil crime.

  • SKay

    “President Obama’s press secretary indicated that Obama will veto a pro-life bill in the House that Republicans say merely legislates Obama’s own executive order.

    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney criticized the Protect Life Act as “a divisive, politically motivated piece of legislation that unnecessarily restricts the private insurance choices that women and their families have today.” Carney added that “the President’s senior advisors will recommend that he veto this legislation if it is presented to him.”

  • A Random Friar

    I had thought that after the whole Civil War “troubles” we’d know better than to try to figure out who is human and who is not.

    Is it an individualized entity, with human nature? Human being.

  • Meridith

    When I was pregnant with my third child I made the mistake of taking a test called an integrated screen. It combined a sonogram that looked at the nuchal fold behind an unborn child’s neck(if it was large-supposedly a bad sign), with a first and second trimester blood test. My results came back stating that I had a 1/13 chance of having a child with Down Syndrome. I remember telling the doctor that I would not terminate this child’s life regardless of the test results and that I was not going to have an amnio. I remeber him saying to me through clenched teeth(at least it sounded like it over the phone) that I should get the amnio anyway. I told him no. Now to get to my point(finally). I had a huge amount of ultrasounds done throughout the pregnancy because of this, and I remember a few odd ones. I remember looking at the monitor and seeing my 37 week old child start to cry. This was a 4D ultrasound. The odd thing was that it seemed like the sonographer couldn’t pull away from that image fast enough. I don’t know if it was to protect me(a child crying that I can’t console is rough) or if it so ingrained in them not to see humanity in these children. I remember her pulling away from an image of my perfectly formed 11 week old child moving it’s perfectly formed arm towards her mouth so that she could suck her thumb as well. This really stood out to me for some reason as odd. Yet there was another sonographer in the practice that could not get over the smile on my daughter’s face when she was 30 weeks old and sleeping peacefully in my womb. I guess it depends on the sonographer and whether or not they want to admit to themselves that these are children that they are dealing with here and not cell globules. If people could see there child on ultrasound just being a child, it would truly be that much harder to take their lives.

    • DPT

      Thanks Meridith.

  • Phil

    Unfortunately, the Catholic teaching on the souls is not very well known even amongst Catholics. Most people seem to see the soul as some sort of Ghost-in the-machine separate entity from the body ala Descartes or whatever. As I understand it, Aristotlen Thomist(the teachign accepted by the Church) tells us that the osuls is the form of the body. So what survives after death. Doesn’t Thomism have some notion of ‘spirit’ that would is akin to what m ost people mean by ‘soul’? I’m confused. Maybe I should reread :

    • Phil

      correction:the soul is the form of the body….So what survives after death? Also, the link is to a great paper by a Catholic philosopher on this topic.

  • Lili

    Mark, as I have mentioned on your blog before, i am a mother that foolishly aborted her child several years ago. I totally support the need to get more accurate info into the hands and minds of a young women who is abortion minded. Facts, truthfully and compassionately presented make so much difference when we are making this irreversable life and death decision!

    Did you know that the National Right to Life Comm. in DC just introduced a brand new, great bill in Congress, sponsered by Cong. Michelle Bauchman! I just got the email about it the other day!

    It’s called the Heartbeat Informend Consent Bill. If passed and signed into law it will require abortionuists to make it possible for mothers to bpoth see and hear the heartbeat of their unborn children. check it out here:

    When we are allowed to see our babies most of us change our minds. That’s why abortionist keep us in the dark! So much for women’s rights!