Occupier Ninnies Continue to Be Ninnies

Twinkles? “Agreeance”? Seriously?

As with the “anti-war Left” (dutifully quiescent in their worship of the God King), the main problem such protest movements face is the protestors. I’ll chalk a lot of this up to “young and dumb”. But there is a big element of vanity and pride too.

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  • Tim

    Dumb, but not as dumb as emoticons. 😉

  • Why did I just have memories of conch shells and wild boar?

  • Phil
  • Phil,

    That is what Mr. Shea was referring to. Earlier this morning, his video insert was visible. It has since disappeared. Curious.

    • Mark Shea

      Apparently the ninnies realized they weren’t doing themselves any favors and pulled it from Youtube.

  • Are you sure this is not a preview of a new episode of Portlandia? If not I vote down twinkles.

  • Mary Ann

    I will plead for a little charity please. As for the use of the word “agreeance” it is not a common usage but it could possibly be a something this young man learned from his parents or someone else ( Is agreeance a proper word?). As for “twinkles” and the other hand signals, they seem to be creative ways of crowd-speaker interaction and, even though they are ripe for humor, a more reasonable way of voicing agreement/disagreement than shouting over the speaker. These are our sons and daughters out there because they are not hopeful of their future. They seem sincere and honestly concerned even if their actions are sometimes misguided because of their youth and a lack of guidance. We should be asking what we can do to make them more hopeful.

    • Marthe Lépine

      I agree fully with you, Mary Ann. These appear to be excellent ways to communicate when there is rather large crowds. They make perfect sense. And whether or not other people think it is silly, note this: So far there does not seem to have been much, if any violence. Not enough, anyway, for the media to be able to focus on. This to me means that whoever is organizing this consensus building has excellent tools to “control” the crowds. Somebody is doing something right. So far they have managed to avoid being overtaken by goons who would try to take advantage of the situation for looting and violence (as happened in Canada when some hockey team did not win a game). The people in those demonstrations show enormous leadership, judging by the results. Something real is going on there. Please pray instead of criticizing. Where else can you point to demonstrations that are widespread to that extent, and have lasted that long, without much demonstrable violence outside of a couple of places such as Rome? And as far as I know the trouble in Greece had started long before and has not been linked to the “Occupy” movement.


    A nostalgic ’60’s codger reports about these signals:

    ‘What I was seeing is the fruit of all the ethical education innovations that became popular in the 1990s and 2000s. That’s about when schools, even at the elementary level, started to teach Conflict Resolution techniques. ‘


    I’m not surprised this stuff originated with elementary school reformers.
    It reminds me of hand signals used to control unruly 3rd graders at recess or in the lunch line.

    Infantilization proceeds apace.

  • DPT

    “this up to “young and dumb”. ”

    I would add probably a little bit stoned too.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    It will be wrong when they do it, don’t get me wrong, but mark my words…

    When your young realize just how cynical and jaded you are, how little you love or respect them, they are going to turn ’round in a rage to eat you.

    And IF I should see it happen, I might try to stop it.

    But not one damned one of you will have my sympathy.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Including Mary Ann and me?

  • Hezekiah Garrett


    Based on your writing, I can’t fathom how you would think my comments addressed to you.

    They weren’t really directed at our host. He has his faults like any other, but he is the least cynical man I’ve ever met, or one of a very short list at least.

    But some of us are going to get our just desserts by being the main course.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Thank you… Actually I was just joking to get a little personal attention…