Student Discovers that Tolerance is Not Enough

You. MUST. Approve or You Will Be Severely Punished by the Arbiters of Correct Thought!

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  • amichel

    I hope Ms. Ward wins her appeal (as she should) against EMU. God bless her for refusing to knuckle under and violate her faith, even if it cost her professionally.

  • Dave G.

    This is the issue that’s more or less in your face. I don’t think there is any other that is so clearly drawing a line between conformity and the Bill of Rights. Not that there aren’t other issues (there always are). But this one seems so, well, obvious. It’s as if supporters of gay rights know they are in the driver’s seat and can pretty much say, ‘no, you don’t have the right not to support homosexuality and other non-heterosexual norms’. There’s not even an attempt to hide it. You’d think there would be a bigger backlash, outcry, something. But except for some grumbling, folks seem to take it in stride.

  • Confederate Papist

    Agreed. This was about the person’s homo-relationship. If the person came to her saying they were having a problem with grades, or with one of their parents, this would have been a non issue.

  • Raul

    Our kids are being fed this drivel about sexual lifestyles equality. I’ve seen evidence of this just recently on a gaming forum for which I am a moderator. I was quite surprised at the backlash I received when I cautioned our forum members on the use of language to include references to sexual preference. I came to realize that I simply do not know the world in which I live any longer.

  • Peggy R

    I think this happened to a woman in a south eastern state as well. She was dropped from a master’s counseling program. I don’t know the upshot at this point. It’s very infuriating and frightening, as our religious liberty and freedom of association are explicitly affirmed in the constitution. Yet, one’s sexual preference and others’ required approval thereof are not addressed even tangentially in the constitution.

  • Peggy R

    Here. This article discusses both this EMU case and a similar case from Augusta State (presumably in GA). Both students’ claims were rejected by judges.