Obscene, Part Deux

Two abortion clinic workers plead guilty to gruesome murders. Culture pretends thousands of other clinic workers are not butchers.

All these women did was acknowledge what every abortion is.  They got caught and copped a plea.  But they are no different than the rest of this industry of murder.  It is *these* women that every pro-abort in the US labors to defend and encourage in their evil mission.

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My End is in My Beginning: ..."
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My End is in My Beginning: ..."
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My End is in My Beginning: ..."

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  • Jillian

    Just 2 cents to add …

    Keep in mind that most of your average pro-choicers (IMO, at least), do not believe their view to be “evil”, nor do they sit around, laughing maniacally like a mad scientist at the great progress their “evil mission” is making. They genuinely believe in “reproductive rights” as a matter of fairness for women. At best, they have never questioned their views, having grown up with them and never having encountered “normal”/friendly people of an opposing viewpoint; in an admittedly worse case, they stubbornly cling to and refuse to question their beliefs. But do the majority of them think, “Yessss, my evil plan! Mwahhaha!”? I seriously doubt it.

    Like a Christian telling an atheist, “you’re going to hell!”, or an atheist telling a religion person “you’re stupid and superstitious!”, I don’t think such statements makes much progress. While in the speaker’s view it is objectively and blatantly true, is saying something like that likely to lead the person to consider your position with an open mind and level head? Probably not; it will likely just anger the person and put him/her on the defensive.