Here’s a Happy Christmas Story

An agency made up of taxpayer funded Herods in California teeters on the brink of failure because its plan to slaughter innocents for fun and profit is hampered by the fact that all that butchery is not actually succeeding in finding any cures for anything from Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

May this evil thing die soon and fail through Christ our Lord and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and may God have pity and mercy on the monsters who have sought to devour children for the sake of Mammon.

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  • Sean P. Dailey

    Amen. Deo Gratias.

  • dpt

    Too many Californians find it easy to spend other people’s money, especially a pet project like this one pushed by our political and media elite.

    The high speed rail initiative is another project cooking here while our schools face cutbacks and our children look to be on the hook for hundreds of billions in unfunded pension obligations.

  • Matt B

    “we have stimulated the most productive group of regenerative scientists in the world.”

    It’s nice to know that something reproductive is going on.