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B-Bach’s Beat is on the air!

So is

And Infinite Grace is continuing her Post Abortion Walk and invites you to join her on the journey of mercy, grace, and healing.

And Mary’s Aggies has found a video whose geekly quotient is so high that it has actually broken Geekometers trying to measure it. That’s because of its unique blend of Star Wars Geekiness with Christian pop music geekiness and the special niche within Christian pop geekiness known as Christian Christmas pop music geekiness.


Any blog that can find something that utterly nerdly is a blog you need to read regularly, particular since it also plays host to some very interesting conversations in addition to the goofiness.

Finally, the redoubtable Lex Communis rides forth to do battle with the Forces of Brain Dead Bigotry who worship at the grave of Archie Bunker. He writes:

I reviewed a book on Amazon called “Why I am not a Catholic.”

I expected bad arguments, but what I found were derogatory ethnic slurs that I would never have expected to hear after the demise of “All in the Family.”

So, my review quoted a representative sampling from the book. [Actually, I had to “bowdlerize” the quotes because, it seems, that Amazon will not let you publish the words “wop” and “pollack.” In other words, I can’t quote from a book without violating “Thou shall not not offend” standards” in order to show people that the book is actually offensive. Catch, they name is “22.”]

Within an hour of publishing my review I had received 4 negative votes, apparently from a cadre of friends of the author or people who think that “wop” and “pollack” are fair descriptions of people.

Then, in the comments, someone actually defended the book in the comments and took me to task for cherry-picking the selections!

Check it out

It seems that there is a small – we pray, teensy-tiny – sub-culture of the fever-swamp Evangelical tradition for whom Jack Chick is a prophet.

Weird, disturbing and always eye-opening.

It’s sort of gobsmacking to realize that such race-baiting Neanderthals still walk the earth when you thought they’d gone extinct. But it’s consoling to know that there are people out there willing to confront such slimey stuff.

Check thou it all out!

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  • Manwe

    Speaking of that Star Wars video…thankf you for that, it was great!
    “Vader know did you?”
    That and 2:51 were the best parts

  • The only complaint I have with the Vader song is that there are many scenes from some movies that don’t exist. There is plenty of footage in the only 3 Star Wars movies that exist; why not use that?

  • Dan F.

    Done and done. Also, left a comment on the review in support of Peter.

  • Thank you for your call for reinforcements.

    Apropos of Chesterton’s quip about the insane man, bigots typically have OCD on their subject. It’s also a lot of easier to fire off of a series of assertion without support than it is to respond. I think that it is important to respond however because for the sake of innocents who might read that thread in the future and be deceived by this minor drip in the “Water torture” that is anti-catholic bigotry, with its incessant drip, drip, dripping of falsehoods throughout the culture.

    Thanks to Mr. Finn for stepping in, and to those people who gave the review an “up votes.” I was wondering why my vote total was spinning like a hamster wheel, and they I realized, “Aha! It must be Mark Shea.”

    I’ve reviewed a number of books in the Atheist camp and have just been brutalized by negative votes, which means that my review probably won’t get read by people who may have an open mind on the subject.

  • Sal

    “Mary, Did You Know?” is my most-despised religious Christmas song (can I say that? B/c all it makes me want to do is scream at the store loudspeaker: “Yes! She knew! She’s the Seat of Wisdom, not some peasant dumb-ass! Shut up, shut up, shut up!11!!”)
    So this is made of genius…

    On a more serious note: Post-Abortion Journey is searing and hopeful and needs to be much better known.

  • Pray The Mass Administrator is still down. Come visit us at in the meantime though:) Thanks for the shout out Mark!

  • Will

    Peter Ruckman, Peter Ruckman… ah, yes, he is one of a tiny handful of ideologues who “presents the most extreme form of King James Onlyism,”, actually insisting that that translation, and that translation only, was INSPIRED and constitutes additional revelation. In other words, he is of a group regarded by nearly all evangelicals, let alone Protestants, as “wingnuts” or whatever the current approved term of abuse is. The phrase “shooting fish in a barrel” occurs… as does wonderment on whether his “defenders” know about this.

  • My geekiness is showing. Thanks for putting it on display for all to see.

  • Thanks for the shout out for B-Bach’s Beat! I hope many of your readers will become regular readers of my blog as well.

  • Will

    Are “communist pollacks” like socialist herrings?

  • Thank you Mark! And thank you Sal, I do appreciate it very much.