George Carlin, Call Your Office

There are now eight words you cannot say on television:

“Israel is more than capable of defending itself,” as Cpl. Jesse Thorsen learned — Ron
Paul supporting soldier speaking out against the wars cut off on CNN

The business of our troops is to go suffer and die for our damp-handed chickenhawk Ruling Classes and their End to Evil theories (and then return to joblessness and Congressional schemes to strip them of their benefits (if they live) or be dumped in landfills (if they don’t). Actually speaking out about the latest mad scheme to send troops to Israel or whatever war is being planned next is not permitted.

What? You thought the function of the media was to inform or permit the free exchange of ideas? No. Its job is to a) sell beer and shampoo and b) enforce Dominant Paradigms.

HT: Pittsford Perennialist

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  • I don’t know. It appeared to me that the connection was breaking up before he said that about Israel. It appeared he was unenthusiastic about war with Iran, so maybe they were playing with the connection before he said it, so you have something on which to hang your tinfoil hat.

  • Babs

    Oooh, tin foil hat, where can I get one? I can only find aluminum foil at the store.

  • Confederate Papist

    The Israelis have been on a state of alert since 1948…I think they got this…if they want to lose this they will ask for Federal troop help.

    Not dissing the troops themselves, but the commanders and pols that are in charge, given their stellar track record…

    • Asclepius

      Bravo. The perfect comment.

      Israel seems to know how to fight a war and win. Because, you know, their survival has constantly depended upon it.

      We fight wars and then go back to our television sets, and then shake our heads in disgust when the thing isn’t wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end of our attention spans.

      This soldier is right, perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

  • JustMe

    I’ve always wondered if we’re there not to protect Israel but to keep a restraining hand on them. That is, if the US left, we would see The Six Day War II and this time the results would be even more dire for Israel’s opponents.

  • A Random Friar

    I agree with the first commenter about the timing and the breaking up.

    The thing that bothers me a bit is the soldier speaking out in uniform about politics. When I served, I was always very gun-shy about giving my political opinion in uniform, in public.

  • Scott W.

    I’ve always wondered if we’re there not to protect Israel but to keep a restraining hand on them

    Ding! Israel has plenty of military might, but notice all the concessions they have made.

  • Jeff

    The soldier was wrong going on the air and talking up Ron Paul in uniform. Period. CNN should not have talked to him, and the soldier will probably go to NJP and get reamed out and possibly demoted for this headline making event.
    I’m a Ron Paul fan, and a member of the military, but I cannot stump for Paul in uniform. There are other ways to show my support, such as responding on blogs, and talking to my coworkers about the issues, that do not involve breaking long standing regulations (from what I understand). We don’t want a politicized military.
    Rant complete. Carry on.