Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

I would be so happy if you could post this prayer request for my uncle Dan. He has been receiving treatment for a massive pancreatic infection, and the doctors had him sedated; they stopped the sedation, expecting him to gradually wake up; instead he seems to have fallen into a coma and is not responsive. They don’t really know what’s going on, but his whole body is swelling and it doesn’t look good. We’re quite distressed. We would be glad of prayers for his wife (my mom’s sister) and the whole family.

Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing. Grant skill and compassion to his caregivers and grace, peace and strength to all who love him through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him.

Another reader writes:

My sister Mary was abducted, beaten, robbed, and her house was set on fire last night. Please ask all your readers to pray for her and for the misguided cretin who did this to her.

Father, grant your healing in body, soul, and spirit to Mary. Enable her to find peace and to forgive what was done to her so that this man will have no further power over her. Let your justice and mercy be given to her attacker that he might find your Son Jesus and be saved from his sins and from the second death. Help Mary to rebuild financially. St. Michael and Mary’s guardian angel, protect her and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, let this issue in glory to the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for her good and for the good of many. Mother Mary, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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  • mary

    Ankles , and feet for the bones to line up properly
    to support the body,



  • Becky

    Please pray for Debbie and Mary Ann. They are both gravely ill. They have both been diagnosed with very aggressive cancers. Lucy deperately needs a job.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. God Bless You

  • j

    I have no home of my own. I have no insurance. I need help. I walk on egg shells where I am. I live with my mom and sometimes I find that I have to leave the house at night until she falls asleep. I pay my portion of bills and none are in my name. So, my credit is terrible. Some times suicide crosses my mind. Just need rest but I get through the feelings. She lies on me. I pray because I am faithful with my tithes. I pray that God can help me to love from a distance because my wellbeing is threatened other wise.


    Renew / Re-envigorate / Re-vitalize/ all manufacturing & high tech industries in USA & Drive R&D thru application of critical areas

    Requesting the interventions / intercessions / wisdom /guidance /directions /help /assistance of all the SFOs, all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, all the wonderful Saints and angels I regularly entreat assistance from to please ask God and help to continuously,relentlessly,unceasingly, ever more powerfully: re-envigorate/revitalize/ fully restore/ continuously renew all our manufacturing and high tech industries, the entire space program, science and math education plus ever more powerfully pour out infinite vast oceans of: [wisdom,prudence,guidance,directions,help,assistance,[clarity,lucidity,depth of knowledge,know how,understanding] and increasingly [powerfully drive,propel: perfectly,pristinely safe,fully secure, with truly zero harmful emissions, zero harmful spent fuel, zero harmful by-products: [nuclear fussion, fission, gravity antigravity, the ability to extract hydrogen from large bodies of water] sources of energy and [water desalinization & purification] on huge scales, metals and alloys fully capable of easily handling the widest temperature spreads encountered in space flight yet allow interior cabins to remain perfectly cool & safe, the entire space program, biofuels made from sources that do not harm the available food supplies or prices of food- to accomplish all of this. Please also completely and permanantly eradicate,purge,cleanse Sally of every fiber / cell / and form of cancer & associated tumors -indeed all vestiges of such cancer in her and ever more increasingly fully strengthen and continuously revitalize, re-envigorate Sally’s entire overall immune system and enlist it into the battle to provide iron clad protections and defenses for her entire being from all viruses, all harmful bacteria, and all and any from of cancer /tumors etc. Calling on all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, all the Secular Franciscans from earliest beginnings of the order till the end of time, Saints [Padre’ Pio, Ven. Solanus Casey, Brother Andre’, Mother Theresa, Vincent DePaul, Thesesa of Avila, John of the Cross, Dymptha, Peregrin, the Little Flower, Bernard of Clairveau,Benedict – ever more increasinigly: intercede, intervene, halp, assist, guide, direct so as to assure the fullest realization of all of the above and all my prayers for all the wonderful intentions I regularly lift to almighty Gode -forever. Finally please continuously,relentlessly, unceasingly fully bring to birth and continuously sharpen and hone to ever increasing degrees,levels of perfection, excellance, adeptness, bringing absolute mastery, absolulte command, pristine expertise: in all aspects [down to the finest details] of writing & pruducing truly heavenly guided, directed, inspired: prose, poetry, verse, writings, music, piano, keyboard, organ, rhyme, rhythm, meter, tempo, beat, analogy, punctuation, grammar, syntax, line, timing, character development, place, setting, building an ever more increasingly truly powerful, effective, precission: vocabulary, and a vocabulary of rhyme, symbol, allegory, metaphor, synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, etc.

  • Marla

    Please pray for my mother Luise. That she be in good health and do well at her job.
    Thank you

  • Mary

    My board examination got over this month and the papers were hard. I couldn’t complete or revised my english paper and business studies paper, economics and data entry paper were very hard and home science was fine. I want good results.

    Pray for my examiner and mark enterer.

    Pray for my classmates, they also couldn’t do the paper well.

    Pray that I should get admission in a good university in India, to get admission it’s hard because my board will release the results late by the time university seats will be filled/reserved for some other student.

    Finally Pray that I should get healed from Hirsutism, it’s getting worst day by day.

  • Vara

    Can you please include Nayana (13yrs, my niece) in your daily prayers.

    She has kidney failure and doctors have provided 10% chance of recovery.

    My sisters family are already preparing for transplant from my sister. I am confident that the kidney will recover if we wait.

    We are praying everyday for complete recovery of kidney without need for transplant. We need prayers at this time of suffering becoz when a child is suffering whole family suffers with her. she is my sisters only child and hope.