Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes:

Can you please ask your readers to join me in prayer for my mother, Dianne? She’s had a pre-cancerous mass since at least November, and her symptoms have worsened. We’re trying to get them in check so she can have surgery, and I’m worried that the worsened symptoms are because it’s become cancer. She’s also facing very serious financial hardships from getting medical care. All of your prayers for her and her family are apprecaited.

Father, we ask that you would grant Dianne complete healing through Christ our Lord. Provide for all her financial needs, and grant skill and compassion to her doctors and peace, strength and grace to all who love her through the same Christ. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for her.

Another reader writes:

There was recently an Islamist attack in Nigeria- a town called Kano.

Our parish has sponsored the church there, and the donations given have helped them out- we sponsored one guy, Father Alex, through the priesthood. He talked to our own Father David on the phone recently, and told him he could hear gunfire and explosions in the distance. While it’s calm now, it’d be great if you could get your legion of prayer warriors on this thing and pray for all concerned.

Father, grant peace to your people in Kano and turn back the hand of the attacker. Mother Mary, intercede for and protect your people. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

A reader writes:

Thanks to you and all your readers for their prayers! I wrote about my husband’s job search (after being fired for the third time in 15 years). He started his new job today and I am so thankful!! The new job pays quite a bit more than his previous job – I am reminded of the story of the Prodigal Son and the father’s enormous love and generosity in giving the son so much more than he would appear to deserve. Thanks be to God!


And a reader writes:

Would very much appreciate continued prayers for my husband’s difficult challenge in overcoming his anger and resulting problems at work. He has trouble turning to God for help – he wants to do it all himself. I think he sees himself realistically for the first time and wants to be a better person.

Father, grant your son the grace to conquer anger and turn his troubles over to you for your peace and guidance. Mother Mary, intercede for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Our parish priest, Father Paul, who is from Nigeria, is vacationing back home this month, however I don’t know what part of Nigeria he is visiting. Many of us are worried for him; please pray for his safety there and for his safe return.