Reader Lori Pieper writes…

I wanted to let you know that my film, A Woman for Our Time, a documentary on St. Elizabeth of Hungary, is finished at last and now available on DVD. I am hoping you can help my trailer go viral by providing a link or embedding it.

St. Elizabeth had an amazing life story; she is an outstanding example of lay sanctity as a wife and mother, and was also one of the first Third Order Franciscan religious who worked in the world rather than the cloister, by caring for the poor in hospitals She was also a great proponent of Catholic social justice teaching in all its aspects. Not only did she care for the poor personally, she did so as a responsible ruler. She understood and valued the dignity of work for the poor. Above all, she cared for pregnant women who might be tempted to abort or abandon their children. All this and more is brought out in the complete film.

I can’t forget how graciously you helped promote the rough cut showing. It went so well that Ive been invited back to show the complete film in the same place next year!

Here’s the website where people can order:

and the video links:

Check thou it out!

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  • Immense thanks, Mark!

    Since I wrote you some days ago, I found out I will have to reduplicate DVDs because of errors. It should cause only slight delays in delivery though.

    Now on to Manalive in 2012!