The Great Enema Continues

So another bishop bites the dust in scandal. This time, it’s a guy who has two teenaged sons.

I can see losing control in a moment of passion. Bishops are just men, after all. But as a friend puts it, two children is a lifestyle. And, I might add, two teenaged children, squirrelled away with their mother in some other state so that the “social justice” bishop can go on in the comfiness to which he has long been accustomed is not just a lifestyle but more of the exquisitely repellent behavior that too many in this wretched crop of bishops has been dishing out for far too long. He should have resigned and gone to take care of his family the moment the first pregnancy test was found positive. Who needs a spiritual father who dumps his real kids and packs them off–along with mom–to some other state to protect his rep? How long, O Lord?

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  • Anon

    I beg anyone reading this to pray for the woman in the Euteneuer case, that she may be granted the deliverance she seeks and the strength to cling to our Lord until then; and that mercy and justice will have the final say in her instance.

    • Anon

      (Mark, feel free to repost this, or leave it down here.)

  • Michelle

    You have a far kinder interpretation for Zavala’s actions than he deserves, Mark. The man was a Catholic bishop in a position of spiritual power. Even if the woman was a consenting adult, for him to have relations with her was one form of sexual abuse. Period.

    It drives me nuts that people rarely see that those in positions of political or spiritual power (read: President Bill Clinton, Fr. Alberto Cutie, Fr. Marciel Maciel, Bishop Gabino Zavala, Fr. Francis Mary Stone) who engage in sexual relations with subordinates, however “willing” those subordinates may be, are engaging (at the least) in the moral equivalent of statutory rape and sexual harassment.

  • “two children is a lifestyle”

    Wow! That nails it. A pithy summation of the matter.

  • Sal

    Wait- the archdiocese is paying for these children’s college education?
    Now, I know they didn’t ask to be fathered by a bishop, but neither did the archdiocese ask to have a bishop with kids.
    Pay for your own offspring, your ex-excellency. They are not the responsibility of the people you deceived for over a decade.

    • Michelle

      It’s called restitution, is a matter of justice to an abused woman and her children, and I’m grateful the archdiocese did so without prompting. I’m very tired of “good Catholics” piously proclaiming that they will withold money from their dioceses because they don’t want their money going to pay off restitution. As far as I’m concerned, Catholics should consider such responsibilities to be debts of honor.

      • Sal

        Sorry, can’t agree with you about your criteria that spiritual power= sexual abuse. Unless it also includes some of the other abuse factors: being a minor, impaired by drugs/alcohol, mentally incapacitated, etc.

        I’ll concede that neither of us know the circumstances of the case, so we can’t really judge. Some of the above may apply- or not. Everything else being equal and if this is a case of two consenting adults, I don’t think the archdiocese should be paying out for this.

      • Matt1618

        Sorry, but I have to disagree. Let the hierarchy take up a collection if they believe it’s the Church’s responsibility to pay for these kids’ college education (a luxury, BTW). Another way to look at it is this: why reward this deceptive bishop by picking up his personal financial responsibilities?

  • Andrew

    The general reaction (I live in L.A.) to this is “He did what?!” “Oh, wait, it was with a woman? Of consenting age?” “Oh well, okay. Whatever. That’s bad, but at least it’s not another one with a teenage boy.”

    • Rosemarie


      That seems to be the default response lately, with Fr. Euteneur, Corapi and their ilk as well. So sad we’ve come to this point.

  • Sharon

    I can see losing control in a moment of passion

    I can’t see a priest losing control in a moment of passion because Holy Mother Church has taught them about proximate occasions of sin – don’t put yourself in a place where you might be tempted to commit a sin. Those moments of passion were way beyond the amber light and into the red.

    I don’t think that the archdiocese should have to finance the boys’ education. Surely their father is receiving a pension from the archdiocese and he would have been paid whilst he was working for the archdiocese – he should pay for his children’s education. Perhaps the mother can sue him for maintenance.

  • Michelle

    Sal, statutory rape is a crime because of the element of coercion and a presumed incapacity to consent to relations due to age. In like manner, any position of extraordinary power by one person over the other within a relationship, whether that power be political, financial, generational, legal, spiritual, or anything else, acts as coercion and mitigates the victim’s capacity to consent, no matter the age or willingness. Zavala is a Catholic bishop, which is a spiritually powerful position in itself, and becomes more so if the victim is Catholic and has been taught to accept a bishop’s authority. In such a situation, her age and willingness do not matter in assessing Zavala’s culpability. Even if the victim shares some responsibility, the enormity of Zavala’s moral crime against her such that it is justice for the archdiocese to offer restitution to her and to her innocent children.